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with one minute clips of a few tunes we love to play.

Rockin in the USA

I Need to Know

Stay With Me

96 Tears

Black Magic Woman

Land of a 1000 Dances

What I Like About You

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Bang A Gong

Boot Scootin Boogie

 El Kabong Trvia

Amaze your impressionable friends and temporary acquaintences with trivial facts and folklore about the El Kabong Band of Holland, Michigan.

Q. What's with name El Kabong?
A. El Kabong is the alter-ego of beloved Hanna Barbara cartoon character Quickdraw McGraw, an old west sheriff and talking horse that bashed bad guys over the head with his guitar.

Q. Where is the El Kabong band?
A. El Kabong is based in Holland, Michigan.

Q. Who is El Kabong?
A. El Kabong is Mark Leonard on drums, John Miller on bass, Ron Muniz on guitar and vocals, Rick Muniz on guitar and vocals, Ian Sage on electric guitar and Beto Muniz on vocals (and yet another guitar).

Q. How can I contact El Kabong?
A. Call or email us.
Email El Kabong at band@elkabongband.net
Call El Kabong at 734-719-0352

Q. Have you ever smashed a guitar over someone's head, like your hero El Kabong?
A. Not on purpose. That would be a waste of a perfectly good guitar.

Q. What are the mysterious origins of Mark and John?
A. Mark and John played drums and bass for the legendary "Other Mothers" Band.

Q. Are Rick, Ron and Albert related?
A. Relatively speaking. Yes. That explains the similar last names.

Q. Is the phrase "The El Kabong Band" grammatically correct?
A. Nah. Because "El" means "the" in Spanish, the phrase is repetitiously redundant in a repetitively duplicative manner.

Q. Is the Itty Bitty Bar small in stature?
A. Ironically, no. Due to awesome renovations in recent years, it's quite a spacious venue. With an auspicious and delicious menu of fare.

Q. Who was the first band to appear at the all new Sandy Point Beach House?
A. Duh. Would we be asking if the answer wasn't "El Kabong?" WooHoo

Q. What's Jay Leno's connection with Albert, Rick and Ron?
A. In May of 2012, the Muniz Family Band (half of El Kabong) played the Wyandotte Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Jay Leno made fun of the festival is his "headlines" bit because the current festival falls on May 4, not May 5, as suggested by the celebration name "Cinco de Mayo." Leno's wisecracks and a picture of the band appear at wyandotte.patch.com/articles/jay-leno-chuckles-over-wyandotte-s-cinco-de-mayo-celebration